Highest level of
care and service

At Horizon Strata, we believe in providing the best service, all year round. That’s why we include everything you need and expect from your Owners Corporation Manager, providing you with the best value for money.

So why are
we unique?

Our service includes all the basics with some added extras:

  • Your insurance commission back in your pocket, no questions asked.
  • An industry first Health Check that benchmarks your Owners Corporation, so you know exactly where you stand.
  • Clear and concise financial reporting with detail that makes sense.
  • Individual bank accounts for each Owners Corporation, so they can be accurately reconciled, and every dollar accounted for.
  • No hidden charges or costs. We believe in total transparency, so you won’t find anything in your financials that has not been approved by you.

Residential and
Commercial Services

As Strata Managers we act on your behalf to create an efficient, compliant and cost-effective environment for you and your Owners Corporation. This starts with:

  • Communicating, enforcing, and mediating rules for the common areas.
  • Providing secretarial services such as record-keeping, compliance assurance and convening meetings.
  • Providing financial services including; organising routine payments, insurance, budgets, levies and financial statements.
  • Engaging with contractors to provide satisfactory repairs and maintenance as required.
  • Liaising between Owners and Committees to keep you and your residents informed.