Owners Corporation
Health Check

Our signature 7-point check gives you a clear and concise look at the health of your Owners Corporation, helping you get the most out of your investment.

Every new client receives our signature Health Check, providing you with a detailed diagnostic report which:

  1. Analyses your current areas of concern within your Owners Corporation, and we help prioritise any issues to enable you to act quickly and with confidence.
  2. Checks that your recent financial statements and budgets are free of any anomalies and you have adequate surplus to meet ongoing expenses.
  3. Checks you have accumulated sufficient Maintenance Fund levels to meet future obligations and that you’re earning proper interest on your balances.
  1. Checks that you are paying the right amount for your insurance based on professional advice and we also look into any commissions which will confirm just how much you could be saving.
  2. Check that the right structures are in place to appropriately collect Levy arrears and maintain cashflow.
  3. Check that you are getting the most out of your suppliers through an assessment of current pricing arrangements and examining the efficiency of approval and processing practices for invoices.
  4. Check that your Owners Corporation Rules are up to date and in accordance with current legislation and regulatory requirements.

We’ll show you exactly how you measure up and where you need to focus so you can have peace of mind that your Owners Corporation is performing at its best.

Key Values